Blue Economy Career Pathway Videos

TMA paired up with its members and Virtual Job Shadow to film career pathway videos. Check out the videos outlining days on the job for a CEO, a mechanical engineer, a boat captain, a R&D manager and a merchant mariner. More videos to come soon!


CEO - Aquaai

Aquaai CEO Liane Thompson shares her perspective about starting a company in the BlueTech sector, and what it takes to be successful. For Liane and her team, it's about drive, teamwork and developing technologies that do good for the ocean.

Aquaai applies bio-mimicry excellence to marine robotics creating robotic fish that mimic real fish. We call these agile and efficient platforms BIV, as in Bio-Inspired Vehicles. BIV platforms maneuver quickly, carrying a payload with interchangeable sensors, gathering data per client need.Applications include port monitoring, monitoring illegal fishing, aquaculture, early warning systems, search and rescue, wastewater management, dam protection, and more. Aquaai is an early stage B2B service company.

Mechanical Engineer - Blue Robotics

Mechanical Engineer Adam Simko doesn't feel like he's working because he loves his job at Blue Robotics helping to design, test and evaluate components of their underwater remotely operated vehicles.

Launched in 2014 and based in Torrance, California, Blue Robotics' mission is to provide low cost, high quality components to enable the future of marine robotics. Their first product, the T100 Thruster, was introduced in 2014. Since then, they have launched over 100 products including our flagship product, the BlueROV2.



Boat Captain - Pacific Tugboat Service

Cole Crafton talks about life at sea as a Captain with Pacific Tugboat Services. Cole enjoys working with his crew and traveling the world, all while making a good living for life back at home.

Pacific Tugboat Service is a locally owned small business specializing in marine services & equipment.




R&D Manager - Planck Aerosystems

How does one land an aerial quad-copter on a moving boat, autonomously and safely? Allan Mathew is the Research and Development Manager at Planck Aerosystems in San Diego, which has solved this incredibly difficult challenge using machine vision and some savvy software. In this short video, Allan describes his own career pathway and what it takes to work for a company like Planck Aerosystems.

Planck Aerosystems builds unmanned aerial systems (drones) for the maritime industry. They’ve developed proprietary technology that allows the fully autonomous use of a drone from a dynamically moving boat at sea. Their systems don’t require a pilot in the loop, don’t require extensive installed hardware on the boat, and are highly modular and extensible.


Merchant Mariner - Training Resources Limited

Did you know there are thousands of good-paying jobs as a merchant mariner? These are trained men and women who serve on vessels and get to travel the world supplying personnel, provisions and services on the seas and waterways. This short video highlights what it takes to become certified through the lens of an instructor at Training Resources Limited in San Diego, CA.

Training Resources Limited is a state of the art, Vocational Training Center for Maritime Professionals. Their comprehensive courses satisfy the U.S. Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization (IMO), and U.S. Navy requirements. Their Training Center Facilities include; Training Workshops, Full Mission Ship Simulator, ECDIS, Radar, GMDSS, QMED Support, Leadership Training, and more.